Jeep Quick Order Packages

In the dynamic world of Jeep customization, understanding the landscape of Quick Order Packages (QOP) can be both intriguing and elusive. With limited comprehensive information available online, unraveling the nuances of these packages becomes a crucial step for enthusiasts looking to tailor their Jeep to their liking. This post serves as your compass in this uncharted territory, aiming to demystify the intricacies of Jeep’s Quick Order Packages.

From shedding light on the available options to unraveling the features that define each package, this article is your go-to guide for comprehending the world of Jeep Quick Order Packages. Let’s embark on this journey together, unraveling the mysteries and unlocking the potential that lies within these customizable configurations.

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What is the Quick Order Package?

The “Quick Order Package” is an option provided by many automakers, including Jeep, that streamlines the customization process for a vehicle. It is essentially a bundled package of various features, options, and upgrades that are commonly selected together by customers. The goal of the Quick Order Package is to simplify the ordering process for buyers who prefer a certain combination of specifications, allowing them to easily select a pre-configured package that aligns with their preferences.

For Jeep vehicles, the Quick Order Package can encompass a range of elements, including engine options, interior features, exterior enhancements, technology packages, and off-road capabilities. By opting for a Quick Order Package, customers can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent individually selecting each feature. It’s a convenient way for buyers to get a well-rounded set of features tailored to their preferences without having to navigate through an extensive list of individual options.

These packages often come with catchy names or designations, reflecting a specific theme or purpose. For example, a “Quick Order Package 23B” might include certain exterior and interior features, while a “Quick Order Package 4×4” could focus on off-road enhancements.

What is a Jeep Quick Order Package?

A Jeep Quick Order Package is a pre-configured set of features, options, and upgrades that allows customers to easily customize and enhance their Jeep vehicles. It simplifies the ordering process by bundling together popular combinations of specifications, streamlining the selection of various elements to suit individual preferences.

Jeep Quick Order Packages

The goal is to offer a convenient and efficient way for customers to get the features they desire without having to navigate through an extensive list of individual options.

The Jeep Quick Order Package typically includes a variety of components, such as:

  1. Engine Options: Different powertrains and performance packages that cater to varying driving preferences, whether it be for fuel efficiency, off-road capability, or enhanced horsepower.
  2. Exterior Enhancements: Stylistic elements like unique wheel designs, exterior color options, and additional features that contribute to the vehicle’s overall aesthetics.
  3. Interior Configurations: Choices for interior materials, seating arrangements, and comfort features that allow buyers to tailor the cabin to their preferences.
  4. Off-Road Packages: Specialized equipment and features for those seeking enhanced off-road capabilities, including robust suspension systems, skid plates, and durable tires.
  5. Technology Packages: Advanced infotainment systems, connectivity options, and safety features to provide a modern and secure driving experience.

Comparing Jeep Quick Order Packages Prices

In the world of Jeep customization, the Quick Order Packages are the key to unlocking a tailored driving adventure. Let’s delve into the details of each package, uncovering the unique features that make each Jeep a distinct expression of style and functionality.

PackageFeaturesAdditional Cost
2-BNo added features$0
2-KMoab black aluminum wheels, 4WD swing gate decal, Anti-lock 4WD HD brakes, Black grille, Deep tint windows, Mold-in-color bumper, Matte black Jeep Badge$2,000
2-SSilver aluminum wheels, Air conditioning, Automatic headlamps, Leather Wrapped Steering, Deep tint windows, Remote keyless entry, Heated mirrors, Power windows$3,200
2-L110mph max speed calibration, Altitude package, Anti-lock 4WD HD brakes, Gloss black aluminum wheels, Black accents inside, Deep tint windows, Heavy-duty gas shock suspension, Powered heated mirrors, Remote keyless entry$5,195
2-FAmerican flag decal, Aluminum wheels, Deep tint windows, Trail rated badge (black), Leather seats, Leather-wrapped steering wheel, Powered heated mirrors, Remote keyless entry, Matte black Jeep badge$6,395
2-J7-inch Uconnect 4 system, Silver aluminum wheels, Air conditioning, Air filtration system, Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, Deep tint windows, Islander package, Leather-wrapped steering, Powered heated mirrors, Car alarm system$4,895
2-WBlack aluminum wheels, 97mph max speed calibration, Deep tint windows, Voice Command, Bluetooth, LED headlights, Leather-wrapped steering, Willy’s hood decal$5,995

1. Package 2-B: Simplistic Elegance

For those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, Package 2-B offers a clean slate with no added features. Embrace the pure essence of a Jeep without any frills, providing a perfect canvas for those seeking a minimalist approach to their off-road companion.

2. Package 2-K Sport: Unleash the Adventure

The 2-K Sport package transforms your Jeep into a rugged trail conqueror. With features like Moab black aluminum wheels, a distinctive 4WD swing gate decal, and a matte black Jeep badge, this package adds a touch of aggressiveness to your ride. For an additional $2,000, the road becomes your playground.

3. Package 2-S Sport: Driving Comfort to the Next Level

Upgrade your driving experience with the 2-S Sport package, a comprehensive blend of style and comfort. Boasting silver aluminum wheels, automatic headlamps, and the convenience of power windows, this package enhances your journey for an additional $3,200. Embrace the road in style and ease.

4. Package 2-L Altitude: Elevate Your Presence

The 2-L Altitude package is a statement of sophistication and power. Priced at $5,195, it brings forth features like a max speed calibration of 110mph, gloss black aluminum wheels, and a sleek Altitude package. With heavy-duty gas shock suspension, this package ensures a commanding presence on and off the road.

5. Package 2-F Freedom: Patriotic Adventure Awaits

For the true patriot and adventurer, the 2-F Freedom package at $6,395 is a salute to freedom and style. Complete with an American flag decal, leather seats, and a matte black Jeep badge, this package blends iconic Jeep elements with a touch of patriotic flair. Your Jeep becomes a symbol of liberty on every drive.

6. Package 2-J Islander: Tropical Vibes, Technological Thrills

Escape to an island paradise with the 2-J Islander package, priced at $4,895. Equipped with a 7-inch Uconnect 4 system, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, this package brings tropical vibes to your drive. Combined with the Islander package and an advanced car alarm system, it’s a technological haven on four wheels.

7. Package 2-W Willy’s: Embrace the Heritage

For those who appreciate the heritage of Jeep, the 2-W Willy’s package at $5,995 pays homage to the iconic brand. Featuring black aluminum wheels, LED headlights, and the distinctive Willy’s hood decal, this package combines modern technology with a nod to the rich history of Jeep. Command the roads with a touch of nostalgia.

Jeep Quick Order Package 24S:

Jeep Quick Order Package 24S typically represents a well-equipped bundle tailored for adventure seekers. This package often includes essential features such as upgraded wheels, off-road tires, convenience features, and enhanced technology. It’s designed to provide a comprehensive set of elements for those who want a Jeep ready for various terrains and conditions.

Jeep Quick Order Package 24B:

Jeep Quick Order Package 24B tends to offer a more straightforward and budget-friendly configuration. It could include the essential features that make a Jeep an authentic off-road vehicle without additional frills. This package caters to those who prefer a more minimalist approach to their Jeep customization.

Jeep Quick Order Package 22R:

Jeep Quick Order Package 22R is likely to focus on combining style and performance. It might include features such as upgraded wheels, a sportier appearance package, and enhanced performance elements. This package is tailored for those who seek a balance between aesthetics and capability.

Jeep Quick Order Package 28G:

Jeep Quick Order Package 28G often signifies a more premium configuration. It may include luxury features, advanced technology, and additional comfort elements. This package caters to those who want a Jeep that not only excels in off-road capabilities but also delivers a high-end driving experience.

Jeep Quick Order Package 23R:

Jeep Quick Order Package 23R is likely to be tailored for off-road enthusiasts. It might encompass features such as specialized off-road tires, advanced suspension systems, and other enhancements designed to conquer challenging terrains. This package is for those who prioritize off-road capabilities in their Jeep.

Jeep Quick Order Package 2BH:

The specific details of Jeep Quick Order Package 2BH would depend on the model and year. Typically, Jeep uses alphanumeric codes to represent various packages. For precise information, it’s recommended to refer to the latest documentation from Jeep or consult with a dealership.

What is the quick order package for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Quick Order Packages (QOP) for the Jeep Grand Cherokee can vary depending on the model year and trim level. These packages are designed to provide customers with pre-configured sets of features and options that cater to different preferences and needs. The nomenclature and specific features associated with each package can change, so it’s crucial to check the details for the specific model year you are interested in.

  1. Laredo E Package (Quick Order Package 2BE): This package might include essential features such as a Uconnect infotainment system, keyless entry, and other comfort and convenience features.
  2. Limited Package (Quick Order Package 2BH): The Limited package often adds premium features such as leather-trimmed seats, an upgraded audio system, and additional safety and technology features.
  3. Trailhawk Package (Quick Order Package 2BJ): If available for the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk trim, this package could focus on off-road enhancements, including specialized tires, advanced 4×4 systems, and other trail-ready features.
  4. Overland Package (Quick Order Package 2BP): The Overland package typically includes luxury features like premium leather upholstery, advanced safety technologies, and high-end infotainment systems.
  5. Summit Package (Quick Order Package 2BR): The Summit package is designed for a more luxurious driving experience, often incorporating high-end materials, advanced safety features, and premium interior amenities.
  6. SRT Package (Quick Order Package 2BX): If you’re looking for high-performance features, the SRT package might include a powerful engine, sport-tuned suspension, and other performance-oriented elements.
  7. Trackhawk Package (Quick Order Package 2XV): The Trackhawk is the high-performance variant of the Grand Cherokee, featuring a powerful engine, sporty styling, and advanced performance features.


In the realm of Jeep Quick Order Packages, the options are as diverse as the terrains you’ll conquer. Whether you seek simplicity, ruggedness, comfort, sophistication, patriotism, technological prowess, or a blend of heritage, there’s a package designed to elevate your driving experience. Your Jeep, your adventure – choose wisely.


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